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HalloPizza24 - provides for you a 24h delivery service. Please use our online delivery application to place your order. If you are a tourist, we recommend that you check out as a guest; so you don´t need to register to our service. If you are a resident, we recommend that you register one time, to make it easier for you and us for further orders. Please provide us as much details about your location as possible. If you have a phone number, please also provide it for us. If you don´t want to use our web application for your delivery, you can also call us 24/7 under the following number:
Delivery Hotline (24hours):   Phnom Penh: 0 319 329 000 Siem Reap: 088 899 32 09 Minimum Order amount: 8.00$ - Below 12$ + 1$ Delivery Fee !!!

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